Wye Valley Sculpture Garden

Education for Sustainable Development Conference

The Art of Sustainability

Dates :  14th June 2017 (optional field trip 15th June– see below)

We have the pleasure of inviting you to participate in our first conference set in the beautiful grounds of the Wye Valley Sculpture Garden in the picturesque Wye Valley, Tintern, Monmouthshire.
This conference considers how mainstream curricula in the UK and internationally may be refocused to accommodate sustainability goals as recently outlined in the  UN 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development.
Papers/presentations are invited based around three key UNESCO priority action areas are considered as leverage points to advance Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) agenda.

Strengthen the capacity of educators, trainers and other change agents to become learning facilitators for Education for Sustainable Development.
Youth: Support youth in their role as change agents for sustainable development through Education for Sustainable Development.
Local communities: Promote progress towards sustainable development solutions at local, regional and global scales by embedding Education for Sustainable Development


Contributors may wish to address 3 major questions:

Can sustainability / environmental conscience be taught / learnt or is it innate?

Is a world view the only way to achieving sustainability, ecological balance and the well-being of global societies?
What contribution does Gaian thinking make to sustainability?

The conference is open to education professionals and also non-mainstream ESD providers and authors. The format of the sessions will be two parallel a morning sessions of 4 presentations  – each lasting 15-20 minutes + question time,  followed by two parallel afternoon workshop discussion groups drawing together the main concepts presented by delegates. Post – conference proceedings will be available by advance order.
Please email proposals / abstracts  for presentations  (100 -200 word abstract) or queries to :
The Art of Sustainability Conference 2017 Registration Form

AOS Conference dates 2017

Conference Eats and Drinks (included in the fees)

Refreshments will be served during morning.
Here at the Wye Valley Sculpture Garden we are renowned for our catering. Food and its provenance are very important to us so ingredients are where possible sourced locally and from our own garden. A homemade buffet lunch will be served, the menu will be predominately vegetarian and we will be catering for a variety of dietary requirements. Please indicate of the booking form if you have any specific dietary requirements and we will do our best to meet you needs.

Field Trip
On the following day (15th June) delegates are invited to attend the field trip. This will be a morning session at the Garden that has been run on longstanding Sustainable principles.  It will be an opportunity to explore the Garden and the Environs in the company of local ecologists Adrian and Elsa Wood who will be happy to discuss from extensive experience the challenge of creating and living in sustainable systems.


Please be aware that the grounds are on a slope with uneven surfaces.


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