Wye Valley Sculpture Garden

 Snowdrops – Garden Open
1pm to 4pm – 1st & 2nd Feb
9th & 10th Feb 2020

Snowdrops at Wye Valley Sculpture Garden
For all lovers of Snowdrops and true Galanophiles.
Here at the Wye Valley Sculpture Garden we have been collecting snowdrops for over 10 years. In this 3 acre garden there are over 50 different
varieties on display and 27 of those varieties will be for sale.
Entrance £5 per person
Children under 12 free

Refreshments – hot drinks and light refreshments with be available for purchase.

Be aware that the garden is on a sloping sight to some areas will get muddy and slippery so please wear sensible footwear.

Disabled access
– due to nature of this sloping site, wheel chair access is not presently possible although we are working to rectify this.

– we do not admit dogs to the garden unless prearranged as snowdrops are delicate and the two do not tend to mix.

Please note that we do not accept cards at this time – cash only.

Snowdrops for Sale – 2020

The following is a list of species and varieties that we have available for sale.The prices reflect a favourable competitive rate compared with other suppliers

Commonly used name                     Price per bulb                        Multiples

nivalis (wild type) –                                           –                                  7 per pot – £4
nivalis Flore Pleno (doubles)                            –                                  6 per pot – £4

G. ‘Atkinsii’ –                                                        –                                  3 per pot – £5
G. ‘Magnet’ –                                                        –                                  3 per pot – £8
G. ‘Dionysus’ –                                                 £5                                   3 per pot – £12
G. ‘Sam Arnott’                                               £2.50                              3 per pot – £6
G. plicatus                                                       £4
G. woronowii                                                 £3.00
G.nivalis ‘Viridapice’                                    £6.00
G. nivalis ‘Pusey Greentip’                          £3.00
G. elwesii var monostichus                         £4.50
G. nivalis ‘Scharlockii’                                  £5
G. ‘Nothing Special’                                       £8
G. ‘Brenda Troyle’                                          £6
G.‘Lady Beatrix Stanley’                               £7
G. plicatus ‘Augustus’                                   £6
G. ‘Merlin’                                                       £7
G. plicatus ‘Colossus’                                    £7.50
G. elwesii ‘Mrs Macnamara’                       £7.50
G. elwesii‘Primrose Warburg’                    £14
G. ‘Richard Ayres’                                          £15
G. elwesii var monostichus ‘Comet’          £14
G. Elfin                                                            £10
G. ‘Modern Art’                                              £14
G. ‘Lapwing’                                                   £15
G. ‘Wasp’                                                         £17.50
G. Trym                                                           £30.00
G. elwesii ‘Sickle’                                          £12
G. gracilis ‘Vic Horton’                                £10
G. navalis ‘Greenish                                    £8

Volunteer days – Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th March
If you would like to spend some time in the great outdoors and help us with ongoing job of splitting and planting snowdrops and turning this hillside white then please join us, for further details, email info@wyevalleysculpturegarden.co.uk
Refreshments/light lunch will be provided.